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Compliance Officer


The Compliance Officer for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority is a statutory office provided for in the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009 as amended by the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010.

The Compliance Officer reports to IPSA’s Board and acts wholly independently of IPSA’s executive branch.  

The Compliance Officer has responsibility to review and investigate business costs and expenses incurred by a Member of Parliament if the following circumstances arise:

  • A member of the public makes a complaint to the Compliance Officer about an alleged misuse of expenses; 
  • A complaint is referred to the Compliance Officer from within IPSA about the possible misuse of expenses; 
  • An MP refers a determination of a claim by IPSA to the Compliance Officer;
  • The Compliance Officer has reason to believe that an MP may have been paid an amount under the MPs’ allowances scheme that should not have been allowed.

Funding for the Compliance Officer is provided by IPSA. 

For further information on the Compliance Officer, please visit: 

Tel. 0844 225 0036


Postal Address Compliance Officer for IPSA:
7th Floor
Portland House
Bressenden Place