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Privacy Policy

What we do

IPSA’s principal activities are administering and regulating MPs’ expenses, and paying the salaries of MPs and their staff. We also manage and validate 10,000 expense claims a month then review them with post-payment evidence checks. If an MP questions a validator’s decision, one of our auditors will review it. Finally, we publish the details of MPs’ expenses claims on our publications website
In addition to these activities, we also:
  • Offer MPs a range of support services, answering hundreds of telephone calls and emails each week;
  • Provide MPs and their staff training in the use of the online expenses system; and
  • Operate a public information telephone line 
As a public sector organisation we are obliged to carry out a range of additional activities, including:
  • Preparing and publishing fully audited accounts;
  • Publishing an annual report; and
  • Ensuring clear governance structures are in place to ensure the organisation is compliant with relevant legislation and regulations.
We are also acutely aware of the sensitive nature of the personal data in our custody and our obligations under the Data Protection Act.


The Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010 also provided for IPSA to be given responsibility for determining MPs’ pay and pensions in the future. We were given responsibility for pay in May 2011, and for pensions in October 2011.