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IPSA's Board

The four ordinary members of IPSA’s Board have today announced they did not reapply for their positions. Of course, these are individual choices but one contributing factor was their concern about the process used to appoint and reappoint members to the Board.



These concerns were first set out in an exchange of letters between IPSA chair, Sir Ian Kennedy, and the Speaker over the summer. The letters are available here:


Sir Ian Kennedy will continue as IPSA chair.


Mark Anderson


020 7811 6488


The four Board members, who are contracted to IPSA’s Board until 13 January 2013, are:


Rt Hon Sir Scott Baker
Jackie Ballard
Ken Olisa OBE
Professor Isobel Sharp




MPs pay in line with public sector

How can IPSA say that MPs pay rise,10%,is in line with Public Sector workers who only get 1%.Average wage=£26,000.Anyone on less than 60% is in poverty.This includes most on benefits.MPs work for us-ridiculous.MPs don't care about their electorate.

on 17/07/2015 23:10:00

mr carey

Member of the publicI worked for 6 yrs without a pay rise due to austerity and now when things are getting back to so called normal o get a 1 percent pay rise is it not fair to expect the same from Al the mp

on 17/07/2015 00:06:00

who holds ipsa accountable

So Ipsa give corrupt mps a pay rise for under performing, no justice or justification, seems this organisation is just as corrupt as the one they claim to be monitoring

on 16/07/2015 20:11:00

What a brass neck

First they tell public service workers they can only have 1% and now we are supposed to believe MPs are worth 10% and don't forget their mates in the house of lords on £300 a day tax free!!! Brass neck or what.

on 16/07/2015 17:36:00


MP's should NOT be given a pay rise in todays tough economic times. They should also NOT have subsidised Drinks in the House of Commoms

on 16/07/2015 16:42:00


Though I fully understand that MP's pay may not be the highest, there is one rule for all and that is ALL PUBLIC SERVANTS EARNING OVER £21,000 PA ARE ON A PAY FREEZE. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

on 14/12/2013 23:31:00

Miss S Jane

How can the IPSA claim to be independent when they are chosen by the House of Commons?Am I the only one seeing that these people were put on the board for a reason and the only one questioning this process?

on 12/12/2013 23:10:00

mp's pay rise

what the hell are mp's getting a pay rise for while we are told pay rises are frozen for actual hard working people and to sir ian kennedy the public will never support your decision

on 12/12/2013 22:47:00


A well thought out system, planned well ahead. Put your school chums on the body that regulates your pay. Then express surprise at the outcome. plus ca change. any wonder people do not vote.. Alex

on 12/12/2013 19:17:00


i.e. A pay cut

on 12/12/2013 10:48:00


When the chair is paid over £60k for 2 days a week it is hardly surprising that IPSA comes up with the figures they do. Try talking to someone on less than £15k pa full time and get a different perspective on life.

on 10/12/2013 10:48:00


Even cabinet ministers are calling this pay rise unfair. Maybe the persons at IPSA need to be replaced. With a nurse, police constable, teacher and fireman. Let's see what payrise they would recommend?

on 09/12/2013 15:57:00


If IPSA supports any increase in MPs salaries or any payments-in-kind such as subsidised food and drink then its board members should hang their heads in shame. Of course it may be that they have little understanding of shame).Pete Ridley

on 08/12/2013 13:03:00


No pay rise required.Half of them should be in prison.

on 11/07/2013 00:00:00

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