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​Review of IPSA’s Publication Scheme Consultation

As part of its regular cycle of reviews and consultations, IPSA is today launching a consultation on its publication scheme – considering the information it publishes about MPs’ costs and the information it publishes about itself.

Transparency is at the core of IPSA’s operations, which is why it has published details of every claim made by every MP since IPSA was created in 2010, and proactively publishes a range of information around its own policies and activities.
IPSA last consulted on its publication scheme in 2010 and, after nearly four years of operation, it is timely to take a step back and consider what, if any, changes might be necessary.  
The proposals within the consultation are to publish more about IPSA’s procurement policy, spend over £25,000 with suppliers and the name and title of staff reporting directly to the Chief Executive.
In relations to MPs’ business costs and expenses, the proposals are to publish MPs’ landlords’ names and addresses, details of contingency applications made by MPs, and details of any contributions MPs receive towards the cost of apprenticeships.
The consultation, which runs until the 25 April, is available online here.
Mark Anderson – 020 7811 6488




High off the hog

IPSA should explain why MPs' food and drink in the House receives a subsidy of GBP 5million annually. What tax do MPs pay on this benefit? Why do MPs receive such a subsidy?

on 23/03/2014 09:42:00

Where does the money fo?

IPSA budget for £6.4m annually excluding £955K for FOI requests. IPSA should explain in detail how and why it costs £10K per MP annually or £17K per calendar day to handle MPs expenses

on 18/03/2014 20:52:00

What do they do?

IPSA should publish their descriptions of MPs workload as used in their "research" to justify an 11% pay rise.

on 18/03/2014 20:50:00

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