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Decision on MPs’ pay confirmed by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) confirmed today that MPs’ pay will rise to £74,000 as part of a package of changes to their remuneration.

The pay rise will be backdated to 8 May 2015. MPs’ pay will then be adjusted yearly in line with average earnings within the public sector, rather than being linked to the whole economy as previously announced.

IPSA has a statutory duty to review MPs’ pay in the first year of a new Parliament. We consulted in June on our December 2013 determination to increase MPs’ pay.  The one-off pay adjustment is part of a wider remuneration package, which, apart from the pay rise, has already been implemented.

The package included:

·          A career-average pension, in line with other parts of the public sector.  This came into effect on 8 May 2015. Previously there had been a more generous final-salary pension. 

·          An end to generous resettlement payments. 

·          Further cuts to expenses: MPs can no longer claim for the costs of hospitality, evening meals, taxis home from Westminster when working late (unless the House sits after 11pm), and home contents insurance.

Today’s announcement follows three consultation exercises since 2012.

IPSA’s Chair, Sir Ian Kennedy, said today:

“Parliament gave IPSA the power to deal with the vexed issue of MPs’ pay – independent of Parliament and Government.  Pay has been an issue which has been ducked for decades, with independent reports and recommendations from experts ignored, and MPs’ salaries supplemented by an opaque and discredited system of allowances.

“We have made the necessary break with the past.  We have created a new and transparent scheme of business costs and expenses, introduced a less generous pension scheme, where taxpayers contribute less and MPs make a higher contribution, and scrapped large resettlement payments.   We have consulted extensively on MPs’ pay, and with today’s decision we have put in place the final element of the package for the new Parliament.

“In making this decision we are very aware of the strongly held views of many members of the public and by some MPs themselves. We have listened to those views. We have made an important change to the way in which pay will be adjusted annually. Instead of linking MPs’ pay to wages in the whole economy, it will be linked to public sector pay.

“Over the last Parliament, MPs’ pay increased by 2%, compared to 5% in the public sector and 10% in the whole economy. It is right that we make this one-off increase and then formally link MPs’ pay to public sector pay.”

An analysis of the June 2015 consultation is included in a report published today​.

Notes to editors

1 MPs are currently paid £67,060.

2 The consultation paper, “MPs’ Pay in the 2015 Parliament: A consultation” ran from 2-30 June 2015.

3 All future pay settlements for MPs would move in line with average earnings across the public sector, based on the October figures published by the Office for National Statistics, and implemented the following April.

4 In 2010 MPs who left Parliament for any reason were entitled to a resettlement payment up to 12 months’ salary - £65,738 (depending on their age and length of service). For an MP who served two five-year terms (the average) and left Parliament at age 55, this was £39,442.  In the 2015 General Election MPs who stood down received no resettlement payment.  Defeated MPs were entitled to a resettlement payment of one month for each year of service, capped at six months payment.   At the next General Election MPs who stand down will receive nothing, and defeated MPs will receive double the statutory redundancy entitlement.

5 IPSA Press Office can be contacted on 020 7811 6462.



Self employed or PAYE?

How many MP's are self employed and do they pay 40% tax

on 10/11/2015 14:06:00


why is it all M.PGET 100% RISEnow and our overpublic sector worker get 1% The public sector WORKING people here do more work than ahy M.P. SO WHY THE BIG GAPIN PAY HERE ??this need addressing now as a voter Ido not think this is right

on 14/10/2015 10:33:00



on 11/09/2015 00:01:00

Toothless Tiger ...

IPSA once more demonstrates that it is a toothless tiger, 'writing off' debts which should be pursued. Awarding eye-watering pay increases to politicians and the bill just keeps rising. So much for a fair and democratic (?) society!

on 10/09/2015 17:12:00

Independant---YEAH RIGHT, they are just as corrupt as the MP's

Yet another affront to democracy, one rule for the Westminster Scumbags and another for normal working people.SHAME ON YOU.

on 10/09/2015 14:06:00


What consideration was given by IPSA for zero hour contracts for MP’s and the lords?

on 10/09/2015 12:45:00

Comments censored again

Apparently you cannot comment here on an MP who takes pay for two jobs at the same time.

on 07/09/2015 22:00:00

Double Pay

The double payment of Boris Johnson as an MP and Mayor of London destroys all of Kennedy's assertions about MPs' pay. Johnson cannot be doing both jobs properly. This case shows that Kennedy has bent the knee to preserve MPs' privileges.

on 01/09/2015 11:33:00

Fool's Paradise

Oh to be a member of the Fool's Paradise where the normal rules of decency do not seem to apply. Why should MPs get an above average pay rise?

on 31/08/2015 15:19:00


Wouldn't it be a good idea to make IPSA responsible for Armed Forces and Nursing Pay rises as well.

on 17/08/2015 08:55:00


5% pay increase for local government, over the last parliament,where do you get your information from-MARS OR JUPITER.A 3yr pay freeze,1yr pay cut,and a1% pay increase,do the maths. maybe the numbers are too small for you £700 a day man.

on 27/07/2015 15:04:00


A government organization run by the speaker of the house. No wonder he has such large expenses and huge pay rises are sanctioned.

on 24/07/2015 18:29:00

Deaf Ears

Do IPSA really pay any attention to all of these comments? Somehow I don't think so!!

on 24/07/2015 16:38:00

Shame on you

I have had 1per cent pay rise every year since I started (on an already below average wage) in 2009. Your organisation is so insulated from the public that you really can't see our perception of your greed. Absolute SHAME ON YOU ALL!

on 21/07/2015 16:46:00

Please review my wages

Please review my wages, I'm sure I am due more than the 1% increase I have had over the last 5 years!

on 21/07/2015 16:43:00

Proof by Assertion

Ian Kennedy has no proof that MPs work for anybody but themselves, their families and their friends.It is IPSA's wilful misinterpretation of MPs' complete package of benefits and MPs' real motivations that shames IPSA.

on 21/07/2015 15:32:00

IPSA fails

IPSA have failed to improve the majority public view of MPs' pay which is worse now than before IPSA was created.MPs have no job description and need do no work.IPSA does not know what MPs are doing.IPSA never had a basis for setting MPs pay

on 21/07/2015 15:28:00

Next pay rises for MPs

Lookout for new payments Select Committee members. This is where some MPs play games on their tablets whilst the others play politics. Once this pay rise is through MPs can create enough Committees to give themselves all another pay rise of £10K annually.

on 21/07/2015 15:15:00

What this means

Ian Kennedy cannot allow any expense or salary abuse to leak into the public domain. Look for further limits on access to information about MPs' expenses. Note that the Government is reviewing the Freedom of Information legislation.

on 21/07/2015 09:56:00

Problem Solved?

Give it a year or two and MPs will be blagging expenses again because their pay rises are too low.

on 21/07/2015 09:56:00

Sums it up

IPSA is unelected, unaccountable and unspeakable.

on 21/07/2015 09:52:00

Settled for a generation

Ian Kennedy says he has settled MPs pay for a generation. So the £7m food subsidy each year in the House goes on: MPs can abuse expenses and salary for family and friends and they can hold any number of other jobs and still draw full pay.

on 21/07/2015 09:51:00

Arthur Jobb

Other public service employees are restricted to one per cent over the next four years so why are MP's any different.,With three applicants for every job there is no shortage of applicants

on 20/07/2015 21:50:00

Arthur Jobb

I am appalled that MP's are taking a ten per cent pay rise in these days of austerity and when we are told we are all in it together

on 20/07/2015 21:49:00

What is the role of IPSA?

Are parliamentary standards in any way informed by what is going on in the wider world? If not then IPSA is broken.The pay guidance for public sector is 1% and is going to be that way for the next 4 years at least. Urgent reform is required.

on 20/07/2015 12:29:00


Fair and just! I've read the report in full and it all makes sense. Good job IPSA.

on 20/07/2015 07:20:00

Another waste of taxpayers money

How can you justify this swapping MP's caught fiddling expenses allow them to fiddle in other ways then award 10% in this economic climate. Shame on you all as bad the the money grabbing MP's

on 19/07/2015 20:57:00


Whilst teaching assistants, dinner ladies and lollipop men/women earn £8000.00 a year...We're certainly not all in this together!

on 19/07/2015 20:57:00


All local government workers are neither difficult or stupid.We understand completely what's going on, MP's are GREEDY, and your either one of them or related to one.

on 19/07/2015 20:34:00



on 19/07/2015 20:22:00

Be fair

I'm a Primary teacher. I've had a pay freeze for the last few years, although this is a pay cut when you take inflation into account. Now getting a 1%, which we're supposed to grovelingly grateful for. This is what should be offered to MPs.

on 19/07/2015 16:01:00

One rule for them

I see in the current budget the self employed are to be taxed on travel costs. However MPs are not, they get an allowance. One rule for the MPs who have to work away from home and another rule for everyone else. No sympathy for me.

on 18/07/2015 17:46:00

You ought to be ashamed of yoursleves IPSA

I can't be bothered to write any more, you won't read it and it won't make any difference. After all I'm just a tax payer - who is paying for this ridiculous pay rise on top of already inflated salaries for MPS.

on 18/07/2015 17:16:00


These people are corrupt, ineffective liars. How can they look at themselves in the mirror when they get such massive pay rises while they deny them to nurses, police, firefighters and all the other hard working people in the country is beyond me.

on 18/07/2015 15:56:00

Quite right

This increase is correct and should be followed by others. Even after the rise, an MP earns significantly less than a GP or many head teachers.

on 18/07/2015 14:51:00

Those poor MPs

One's heart bleeds for them, forced to take money in order to feed their starving children (or mistresses, or boy friends) at the end of the month.

on 18/07/2015 11:59:00


Adding my voice to the consensus above. Whatever calculations and considerations the IPSO made the end result is a catastrophic mistake.

on 18/07/2015 10:44:00

Oh dear!

Justification of this huge pay increase on the basis of removing outdated allowances etc doesn't hold water. Thousands of workers have their 'outdated' terms and conditions of employment 'modernised' (ie worsened without a 10% compensatory pay rise.

on 18/07/2015 10:32:00

All in it together

If an independent review is right for MPs, then allow the pay review bodies for the police, teachers, armed forces, health service workers and others to give independent advice without being told upfront to stick to a 1 pc average for the public sector

on 18/07/2015 10:12:00

MP's should get the same as Public Sector Workers

If we're all in it together then IPSA should be able to give MP's the same pay increase as the MP's give Public Sector Workers 1% for the next 4 years. Total Disgrace 11z% WTF?

on 18/07/2015 10:10:00

All in this together?

If an independent pay body is right for MPs, then allow the pay review bodies for tge police

on 18/07/2015 10:04:00

Public Sector Workers

Since MPs are Public Sector Workers, why are they not subject to the same rise caps as Doctors/Nurses/Teachers etc??

on 18/07/2015 09:50:00


Whilst their 'pay' is only really a fraction of what they get.... This sends out a pretty disgusting message to the general public. Congratulations though. You must all be very pleased with yourselves.

on 18/07/2015 09:38:00

Simon Bayley

Funny how when independent bodies award public sector pay awards they can be ignored but with MP's it's'sorry but we have to receive the pay increase'. Absolute disgrace and further undermines the very low opinion the public has of parliament.

on 18/07/2015 09:38:00

Concerned over MPs milking welfare

As I understand it we are in a time of austerity where sacrifices must be made in part from welfare savings. Therefore it seems peculiar to award serial abusers of benefits with a huge increase - is IPSA in the pocket of the politicians? Surely not!

on 18/07/2015 09:35:00

Trough made smaller

Setting pay rises for MPs is a difficult job and you've not done it very well.

on 18/07/2015 09:33:00

10% for all?

What a disgusting and unjustified decision. You have proved, as if any proof were needed, that the gravy train is still running at full speed.

on 18/07/2015 09:27:00


with the rest of us struggling this pay rise is, frankly, obscene.

on 18/07/2015 09:25:00

Work for Free

If MPs are truly in the job to serve the public then they should be working for free.

on 18/07/2015 09:24:00


Totally disgusted, disjointed thinking completely separate from the reality facing most workers. Words fail me.

on 18/07/2015 09:23:00

Actually It's Fair

I think the MP pay rise is totally justifiable despite the pay restraint imposed on he rest of the public sector. I also think that Elvis lives on the moon, the wombles was a fly on the wall documentary and IDS is a paragon of virtue and humanity

on 18/07/2015 09:23:00

Do as you preach

Don't lecture us about the need for austerity and then take a 11% pay rise. Total hypocrisy. We should recall our MPs.

on 18/07/2015 09:22:00

Unfair pay rise

MOs are public employees payed by the tax payer and as such should have pay rises that follow other public employees. If the Government think 1% is a sufficient increase for public employees then it should also be sufficient forvMOs.

on 18/07/2015 09:19:00

Too much

11% is to high an award when other public sector workers are restricted to 1%. However, I also think the PM should be able to lower this award when (as now) the public deem it unreasonably high.

on 18/07/2015 09:16:00

What the hell!

In a time of forced cuts to workers you gave MPs a huge pay rise? Seriously? MPs are already paid far more than we are, we are only getting a 1% pay rise! Are you so out of touch? One rule for us, another for them. It is utterly disgusting.

on 18/07/2015 09:16:00


Absolutely disgusting to see MP's getting a payrise of 7,000 pounds when many folks earn that PER YEAR.

on 17/07/2015 23:57:00


A 10% pay rise for mp's unbelievable! We're all in this together, I don't think so!

on 17/07/2015 23:51:00

Change the Law

If it a new law that is required not to raise MPs salaries, then that it what is needed. What an insult to the unemployed and those who are told by the Government they cannot have a pay rise. Have you no conscience?Rev Dave Appleby, Plymouth.

on 17/07/2015 15:32:00


How do the decision makers sleep at night, knowing public sector getting 1% - There are on front line! dealing with vulnerable residents, who work, yet have to access a foodbank to feed their children! We are so NOT in this together!

on 17/07/2015 15:08:00


Not sure how it is possible that the average wage in the UK is between £20,000 to £30,000 and yet Politicians are being granted a raise when they will be at £74,000. Quite disgusting to be honest.

on 17/07/2015 14:57:00


What a total disgrace! IPSA is morally bankrupt!!!

on 17/07/2015 14:31:00

ipsa, a waste of money

the ipsa must think the working classes are stupid, pay rises are virtually non existent for many,your decision is a disgrace to every honest taxpayer, ian kennedy should resign.

on 17/07/2015 11:44:00

Thoroughly deserved

Well done on awarding our hardworking MP's such a deserved rise! Its amazing seeing the house of lords/commons full daily of these hard working peers, they in reality should have given them 17% rise,its only fair

on 17/07/2015 11:06:00


Words fail me. How unjust, insensative and downright disrespectful to the British Public. 1% for public sector workers, and cuts to tax credits of the lowest paid. Time the 'establishment' stepped down from their ivory towers, and joined the real world.

on 17/07/2015 10:05:00

Patrick Newman

No the settlement is cost neutral and the increase should be awarded. However there should be regulation on M.P.'s who take on significant non-parliamentary duties and therefore do not deliver a full time service to their constituents.

on 17/07/2015 09:37:00


Nobody else gets a massive pay rise as compensation for changes in other terms and conditions. Indeed everybody else is told savings have to be made. For some reason you think MPs are different. A kick in the teeth to most ordinary people.

on 17/07/2015 08:57:00


Nobody else has been given a massive compensation pay rise for changes in other terms and conditions. No savings are being made here but everyone else has to make them. You are out of touch.

on 17/07/2015 08:53:00

We're all in this together

As a teacher when my pension changed to average salary I didn't get a pay rise to compensate. Clearly MPs aren't in this with the rest of us.

on 17/07/2015 08:51:00

You should be disbanded

IPSA is not fit to regulate anything. This decision absolutely confirms it.

on 17/07/2015 08:02:00

IPSA Not Fit for Purpose

IPSA are an absolute disgrace for awarding MP’s a 10% pay rise when the rest of the country is struggling. MP’s have many financial perks that the rest of us in the “REAL” world don’t get / have. Summary, IPSA you are not fit for purpose!

on 17/07/2015 06:38:00

Absolutely disgraceful!!

Independent? Right... What an absolute disgusting decision. If anything, their pay should be cut and your organisation's head should resign with immediate effect. Corrupt and filthy.

on 17/07/2015 06:11:00


Awarding 10 percent to MPs while restricting pay rises for public sector workers for next 5 years will be CATASTROPHIC for the UK

on 17/07/2015 01:26:00

Biased decision

MPs are not Company CEOs and their pay should be based on other workers in the public sector. Thus their pay rise should only be 1% not ten times that much.They are here to serve the country not parasitize it.SHAME ON YOU !!

on 17/07/2015 00:10:00

Emergency Debate

If they think it is not right to take this pay then hold an emergency debate and pass a law to withhold it, just as they did with police pensions and other public sector pay awards !!!

on 17/07/2015 00:02:00

NHS 1%, MPs 10%

This is a disgrace! How can a 10% increase be justified when the NHS public sector will get just 1%? Do you seriously think that the UK public will find this acceptable? Shame on this body.

on 16/07/2015 23:46:00

Shame on you

Who are you , you faceless IPSA wonders ? Who make these ridiculous abhorrent pay rises in times of struggle and austerity ? Smells like a scam to me & most probably to the electorate the length and breadth of the country.

on 16/07/2015 23:38:00

IPSA Board pay levels

How are IPSA pay levels fair, just and democratic. poorest members of society suffer austerity whilst people in positions of authority think its fair to make these decisions.

on 16/07/2015 23:00:00

IPSA Board pay levels

In addition to MP'S 10 % pay increase, IPSA board members are earning significantly high salaries. Why is this when most of society are expected to receive little or no pay increases.

on 16/07/2015 22:56:00

Unequal society, undemocratic society, unfair society

This decision by IPSA is unfair, unjust and undemocratic. Whilst most of society are offered tiny pay increases or none, conditions and pensions are being eroded. Just because IPSA claim to be an independent body doesn't mean this is a fair decision.

on 16/07/2015 22:41:00


If you don't understand why this is happening, you're being difficult or stupid.

on 16/07/2015 22:17:00

Re mp pay

You should all resign for gross mis conduct in public office for allowing such a pay rise when everyone is not or getting a very smal rise you should be ashamed of yourself

on 16/07/2015 22:17:00


This is unjustified and undeserved. Completely wrong. No wonder people are disengaged from politics and cynical about politicians.

on 16/07/2015 22:08:00

Outrageous !

There can be NO justification whatsoever for this excessively obscene pay rise, whilst everyone else has to show pay restraint! Another case of 1 rule for them, 1 rule for us.

on 16/07/2015 21:41:00

Midwives striked for a 1% pay rise.

The Royal College of Midwives went on strike after a 1% payrise was scrapped by Jeremy Hunt and lo and behold MPs deserve a giant rise.The Government has made it clear that we are not in this together.

on 16/07/2015 21:05:00

Just one question IPSA...

You are there to serve the British public so my question is this. Do you think the British public are in favour of the pay rise for MP's?

on 16/07/2015 20:55:00

Should be stopped

Disgusting! public sector have had a pay freeze or the last 5 years. MPs should set an example and not get this rise from the public purse

on 16/07/2015 19:27:00


Disgusted, you should be ashamed. The budget has resulted in me and many thousands of WORKING class people having a measly 1.7% increase scrapped and threatened with redundancy, but your not bothered, look after the rich...WELLDONE!!

on 16/07/2015 18:35:00


How can a body be independent of government when it is appointed by parliament and consists of people who come from Bonusland whose capital is Perk City?

on 16/07/2015 17:20:00

Well done

The cost to the public purse of this rise is zero. You have killed antiquated allowances and pensions and put it in salary. Why you don't explain clearly that the increase in the total package is ZERO I don't know

on 16/07/2015 17:16:00


What was that about living within our means David Cameron? It is an absolute disgrace that this has gone through and I will do everything in my power to oppose this!

on 16/07/2015 16:57:00


This rise is an absolute disgrace , considering the state of this country .I do challenge your right to be called "independent" in the light of this decision as it is certainly not based on the real world

on 16/07/2015 15:53:00

Public services - 1% increase again!

Need I say more? Does the MP pay rise feel fair when the public services pay are being held for another year? This affects so many people including families! Shocking.

on 16/07/2015 15:06:00


This is an absolute disgrace

on 16/07/2015 14:45:00

What a disgrace!!

I serve in the Armed Forces and have done for the last 19 years; I have completed 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan yet I am only worth a 1% pay rise. What an utter disgrace this country is; independent authority I don’t think so.

on 16/07/2015 13:55:00

mp's pay rise

I think that this decision to give MP's a pay rise,while most of the working class haven't received a pay rise in years,and people that claim benefit are facing severe cuts,is grossly insensitive as well as Unjust in the extreme.

on 16/07/2015 13:32:00

What planet do you live on???

Some people may have had increases in line with their defined terms and conditions but I guarantee you nobody at Leeds City Council has had a pay award even approaching 5%. I'm angry beyond belief!!!

on 16/07/2015 13:09:00

IPSA is out of touch

Typically unfair and unreasonable decision by IPSA. All public sector staff have their pay restricted except MPS... and MPS still have an expenses system that is more generous than any other

on 16/07/2015 12:25:00

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