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The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority today published figures for business costs and expenses incurred by MPs in the 2014-15 financial year. 

Detailed figures for individual MPs are available at




Staffing Costs

(mainly payroll)


Office Costs

(the cost of renting, equipping and running a constituency office)



(hotels, rental or associated costs for Non-London Area MPs)


Travel & Subsistence2



(start-up, winding up, and miscellaneous)




As part of IPSA’s on-going commitment to openness and transparency, in addition to MPs’ overall annual expenditure, we are this year publishing additional information on:

·         Total debts written off (£2,105.43 in 2014-15), listed by MP (26 MPs). These are for amounts less than £500 where it is not cost-effective for IPSA to pursue recovery of the debts any further.  All MPs have been contacted several times about these outstanding sums. 

·         The job title of every member of staff, listing whether they are full-time or part-time, and whether they were employed for the entire year. We will not be publishing their names, unless they are family members or other parties connected to the MP.  During the course of 2014-15, 4,021 staff were employed by MPs.  This includes those who were on short-term contracts.

·         The names of all landlords, whether of MPs’ constituency office or residential accommodation for those entitled to claim for this. We publish the first part of the postcode of all offices and accommodation. Some MPs’ details are not released for security reasons.

IPSA Chief Executive Marcial Boo said:

“As the regulator of the public funds that go to MPs, IPSA ensures that taxpayers’ money is used transparently, and that MPs are appropriately resourced to carry out their parliamentary functions.  Our regular publications include every single penny claimed by MPs, so that taxpayers and voters can see for themselves how their money is spent and gain assurance that IPSA is scrutinising MPs’ expenditure on their behalf.”

Notes for editors

1. Figures used in the table are actual and have not been adjusted in any way; they may be subject to revision later in the year.

2. The Travel and Subsistence figure is not final.  A mid-year change of provider for Parliament’s travel office means that IPSA still needs to reconcile data later in the year, with some revisions likely in due course.  The figure quoted on the website is lower than the figure in the press release because it only includes data processed at an earlier stage.

3. Also published today is information on MPs’ salary, and a list of connected parties.

4. Also published today our routine two-monthly publication of MPs’ costs and expenses for all claims processed in April and May 2015.  The data reflect claims processed in that two-month period and should not be interpreted as a trend or pattern. 

For more details contact IPSA Press Office 0207 811 6462.




IPSA when you have finished drinking your tea perhaps you could post my comments.

on 04/11/2015 16:59:00

House of Lords - No democratic elections = extremism

Money down the drain

on 02/11/2015 18:59:00

House of Lords - No democratic elections = extremism

Money down the drain.

on 25/10/2015 20:39:00

...and once more!

MPs are allowed to employ family and friends, paying them salaries and expenses. The Committee on Standards on Public Life said they should not. As usual Kennedy and Boo knew better. Imagine the abuse that is going on by MPs employing family and friends.

on 30/09/2015 16:36:00

And again!

Marcial Boo and Kennedy allowed MPs second jobs. IPSA does not know how much time MPs are spending on parliamentary work. Clearly, Boris Johnson cannot be doing his job as Mayor of London and as an MP fully. The tax payer is being short-changed again.

on 30/09/2015 16:32:00

Marcial Boo misleads again

IPSA does not show the cost of subsidising MPs' food and drink by over £7m annually. So the figures are not transparent because that subsidy is hidden.

on 30/09/2015 16:29:00

Outside jobs

So how does Boris Johnson work as an MP when he also Mayor of London? Which parts of his well paid jobs is he not doing? Perhaps the jobs are part time and both are over-paid. It's a farce - transparency my...

on 19/09/2015 10:13:00

The Usual Blather

MPs continue to be paid salary whilst working for themselves. The employment of family and friends continues to offer an avenue of abuse. Transparency is a long way off.

on 19/09/2015 10:09:00

The Usual Blather

IPSA continue to make claims about transparency in payments to MPs.The massive subsidy to food and drink, running at over £7m annually remains concealed.

on 19/09/2015 10:08:00

Debts written off

Don't write of these costs - deduct the outstanding amount from next expense claim!

on 11/09/2015 08:58:00

TotalRe - debts written off (£2,105.43 in 2014-15), listed by MP (26 MPs)

Given the bad history of MPs expenses and public feeling about it, every single penny of debt should be recovered even if the cost of recovery is more than the amount recovered.

on 10/09/2015 19:51:00

Withdrawal of Expenses

When you write to an MP to ask for repayment of an overpayment, why not simply prevent payment of any further expenses until the repayment is made?

on 10/09/2015 19:23:00

write offs

uneconomical write offs would be economical if fines were added to make them so , it works for the general public

on 10/09/2015 17:19:00

Crooks at it again

All these non honourable friends at it again I wonder if I was trying the same with my employer! What would happen to me !!!As they keep saying is that they are not in politics for the money !Who are they kidding ?

on 10/09/2015 14:13:00

All of the above

Why can't you simply deduct the sums owed from their next claims, they could hardly kick up about it otherwise they are thieves !

on 10/09/2015 13:31:00

Mr Tax Payer

WHY are you letting these people get off with not repaying this money. What happend to the case for them buying it first and submitting receipts to claim it back like the rest of us do in the real world.

on 10/09/2015 13:00:00


So, the MP hasn't repaid a small amount - then simply deduct the amount from their next claim.For the rest, they should hang their heads in shame - sure the amounts are small, but thats NOT the point!

on 10/09/2015 12:36:00


if as a person on any government payed owes money it should be paid back ..I HAVE TO WHEN TAX CREDITS OVERPAID SO SHOULDNT THEY.1 RULE FOR SOME ANOTHER FOR OTHERS

on 10/09/2015 12:11:00

Mr G Parker

Could not these unpaid claims be very simply recovered by deductions from subsequent legitimate expenses claims made by the debtor

on 10/09/2015 11:41:00

One rule

Should be taken from there salary like they do to people on benifits

on 10/09/2015 11:41:00

One rule

Should be taken from there salary like they do to people on benifits

on 10/09/2015 11:39:00

debts written off

These debts should not have been written off. The monies involved belong to the state. is this not theft? Prosecute if necessary to get our money repaid.

on 10/09/2015 11:36:00


Shameful, take from their salaries

on 10/09/2015 11:30:00

Non Repay of unentitled Expenses

Is this not fraud!! - I know that if I was to do this with my company I would be subject to a disciplinary hearing - why not these MPs - recover the outstanding amounts from source

on 10/09/2015 11:21:00

Berkshire Blue

All invalid expense claims charged to credit cards, or not supported with the correct proof of legitimate expenses should be automatically deducted from MP's salaries.

on 10/09/2015 11:20:00

Mr John Warren

British TaxpayerIf any of the people noted for written off amounts no matter how trivial receive any funding from parliament ie pension, current salary,severance money why is the debt simply not deducted from this source

on 10/09/2015 11:11:00

Why don't MP's get deduction at source

In the private sector if an employee has wrongly claimed the employer can deduct the amount directly from salary payment as a deduction at source. Why doesn't this get applied to MP's?

on 10/09/2015 10:40:00

G Kalsi

Why have the monies not been recovered by directly deducting from their salary?If these people worked in private organisations they would not be allowed to get away from this appalling behaviour.

on 10/09/2015 10:38:00

Rubbish presentation

Not very helpful to just display half the information and the press release. Right hand side cut offInfo missing included the amountsDoes no one check these things before you actually publish?

on 10/09/2015 10:18:00

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