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Review of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses

We have published the  Fifth Edition of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (“the Scheme”) for the 2013-2014 financial year.

IPSA has a responsibility to regulate and administer a transparent system of business costs and expenses for MPs. We review the Scheme regularly to ensure the budgets and rules are fair and workable for MPs, their staff, and the public. Our aim is to ensure that public funds are properly spent and accounted for and that MPs have the support they need to perform their parliamentary functions. As with previous reviews, we ran a consultation (between 19 November 2012 and 18 January 2013) seeking the views of the public, MPs and other interested parties about any possible amendments.

The focus of this year’s review was the budget for those MPs who claim for residential rental payments in the London Area. We also reviewed other accommodation and travel rules and all the budget limits. Based on the responses we received, as well as the evidence gathered, we considered that only minor adjustments were necessary. The published review of the Scheme also includes our report on the consultation and our Equality Impact Assessment. A copy of the original consultation can be found  here.


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5th Edition of the Scheme.pdf
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Review of the MPs' Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses - Consultation - November 2012.pdf
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