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June 11
Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of RSA - What should MPs receive by the way of salary and pension?

Some very off the cuff comments…..
Given that overall the contribution to public spending of MPs’ remuneration is negligible, the issue here is balancing public acceptance (which is partly about fairness and partly about wanting politicians to be ’in touch’) with the need to attract and retain the best people, drawn from all walks of life.
Notwithstanding the vexed issue of allowances (for which I would advocate a system which is capped, simple and totally transparent – thus leaving the main role of scrutiny to voters) I would advocate a salary for MPs in the region of ninety thousand pounds. Having fixed the figure I would then index it with the earnings of a broader economic group comprising employees in both the public and private sector, perhaps full time senior professionals.
Pensions should be in line with the arrangements for senior civil servants. Given the risks involved in being in Parliament and the fact that an MP can lose their job for reasons over which they have limited control I would, in the context of fixed term Parliaments, have a minimum redundancy payment equivalent to one month per year of office but with a minimum of one year’s salary for any MP who has served a full term.            
In relation to outside earnings I think, on grounds of attracting talent and encouraging MPs to get out and about, MPs should be allowed to earn money externally as long as it is declared and permissible activity. However, on grounds of public interest and perception I would have a system of claw back so that for all earnings beyond a certain level, say 50% of the MP’s salary an amount (say, 25%) is deducted from their salary.
Matthew Taylor is writing in a personal capacity.


MPs Pay and Pension

I do feel that MPs are 'out of touch' to the real World.
In Ireland (Eire) the M.Ps there have taken a pay cut. Here we over pay MPs it seems that there is no shortage of people willing to stand for Parliament, when an election is called. 

At present my pay has been cut to help keep the business afloat, just as the workers at both Honda and JCB have done.

I am attempting to understand why an M.P. is entitled to claim for London accommodation and then seal it (it purchased) at a profit.

Why do Ministers get an additional payment when they leave office as Liam Fox did ?

As has been stated previously MPs are on a fixed term contract of 5 years maximum, if not re-elected why does an MP get so much money has a payoff - his office workers could be re-employed by the 'new MP' after all they would be very experienced in the work of an MPs office.
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