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June 07
Justin Urquhart Stewart, Marketing Director and co-founder of Seven Investment Management

If one were to advertise the role of the MP then it is an interesting exercise to put together the necessary remuneration package to attract the appropriate candidates. This then would provide a reasonable outline as to what might suitable to achieve the goals of attracting the right candidates to be able to operate in the correct manner.
My key elements when addressing the role:
Type - High calibre driven individuals with expertise and experience (by which I mean other than as a party intern) which could benefit the political environment.
Salary - It would be beneficial that MPs could be financially independent of third parties from any political support group, and also be able to afford to be an MP and not merely leave to those of independent means.
A good remuneration package commensurate with their market value as measured against a given senior civil service grade. This would be appraised annually with the suitable civil service grade and benchmarked externally on a regular basis.
If it deemed appropriate that MPs have a level of entertaining as part of their role then this would be a fixed addition to the salary of a given amount. This would hopefully dispose of the bureaucracy of expenses forms and reconciliations and pass down the responsibility to the MPs themselves.
Additional facilities - given the recent scandals over expenses it would be far easier if facilities were provided as standard to include office, support staff and facilities as well as accommodation. This could be more easily arranged through one of the larger business based hotel chains to provide a quite cost effective solution.
Pension - Money purchase pension scheme again related to equivalent senior civil service grade.
Travel – as with any company this is far better operated through a central channel for cost control and oversight.
I believe that it is important that we have well paid politicians not only to attract and retain the suitable talent, but also to ensure that there is little reason for other roles to be taken on and that concentration is kept on the primary task.


MP's Pay & Expenses.

As communication technology has improved, there is no justification for MPs to receive more than the HMRC recommended rate. They can keep communicate & vote by email, & video conferencing. A Travelodge-style hotel should enable them to stay in Westminster when necessary.
Times have changed irrevocably, & we don't need the number of MPs that were justified by historical precedence. After all, unless or until they allow us to vote on the subject, the EU undemocratically makes most of the major decisions for them. So a smaller number, say half the current members, or some 300 or so, could easily manage the current situation.
Paying them the current average wage in the private sector would also give them the incentive to improve our standards. And their expenses should be checked to the same standards that a responsible private-sector employer would expect.
Dream on!!
System Account on 6/26/2012 11:08 AM

Thinking outside of the expenses box

Hey I know of a couple of advances in communication technology that might solve the expenses problem once and for all. Skype, email and telephone. They allow you to work from home and yet you can still attend meetings in London or even summits in Greece. Think of all the money we could save by implementing such things whilst also reducing our carbon footprint.
Or could Mps just not tweet each other whilst they are chillaxing?
It is a sorry state of affairs when our sole motivation to do something is money. Mps need to be about more than that.
System Account on 6/26/2012 11:08 AM

MP needs to take maths class again

We should send the politicians back to basic maths class again.  Maybe 20 hours of mandatory learning with something like will be helpful in getting them understand the value of money and what the cost vs. benefit of their net contribution to our society is.
 on 8/24/2017 4:19 PM


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