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Privacy Policy


Transparency is one of our most important values. We always work openly and provide the public with information about our work. We publish information on how we make decisions, on our operational performance, and on how we spend public funds.
This information includes minutes of meetings of our Board, statistics about our monthly performance, and details of our senior staff’s salaries and our contracts over £25,000.
You can also read copies of our annual reports, corporate plans and other corporate reports and publications.
Freedom of Information
As a public sector organisation, we know we are directly accountable to you. That is why we publish all the Freedom of Information requests we receive and our responses.
Under the Act, anyone has the right to request information that we hold. You can find out more about FOI, including how to make a request and view our responses via this link
Parliamentary Questions 
We also answer written Parliamentary Questions (PQs) from MPs.
Because we are independent from government, we do not have a Government Minister to answer PQs on our behalf. Instead, we answer questions by sending a letter to Charles Walker, the MP for Broxbourne, who sits on the Speaker’s Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (the parliamentary committee that scrutinises IPSA’s expenditure). 
Since June 2014, all responses to PQs have been separately published on Parliament's website. You can search and view all PQs that have been made to IPSA via this link. PQs made before June 2014 are published in Hansard. For ease, we have published all PQs (and our responses) made prior to June 2014 below.


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